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Artistry Collection Fragrance Scented Candle 8x9cm 200g Ashleigh & Burwood Gift


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What’s Included:

  • 1 x Glass 200g Candle
  • 1 x Decorative Printed Box
  • Burn time approx. 45 Hours

Brand:  Artistry, Size: 200g wax, Weight (approx):  580g


  • Soft Cotton: Let the comforting scent of soft, clean cotton envelop your senses. Linen fresh from the wash blends with a soft, powdery fusion of rose and violet on a bed of warming musk.
  • Country Lavender: A colourful field of lavender alive with harmonious notes of earthy clary sage, geranium and rosemary enlivens the senses and brings the great outdoors in. A delightfully nostalgic tapestry of days spent outdoors.
  • Christmas Time: Livelier than a little robin and brighter than a bushel of holly berries, the joyful scent of Christmas is in the air… A celebration of traditional festive ingredients, notes of juicy orange and spicy clove sparkle on top of a sweet base of vanilla and warm nutmeg.
  • Frosted Snow: Evoke the peaceful calm of a landscape blanketed in freshly-fallen snow. A delicate dusting of opulent cashmere musk captures the glitter of the winter frost, while notes of soft velvety rose, warmed by sweet vanilla recall the cosy comfort of fireside evenings as snowflakes float past the window.
  • Winter Forest: Escape into the heart of a frost-covered forest. A trio of woods lie at the core, precious sandalwood nestles amongst aromatic notes of cedar and smoky palo santo. Finished with an earthy bed of patchouli, this scent evokes the fresh, woody fragrance of snow-dusted pine trees.
  • Champagne Noel: A luxurious companion to a season celebrated in style. Raise a toast with friends as decadent golden notes of champagne bubble up from an effervescent citrus heart sweetened by hints of fruity florals.
  • Pear Blossom: The fruity scent of sweet pear entwined with the aroma of fragrant blossom in the breeze.
  • Sea Salt: The fragrant fresh aroma of sea salt mist and sea minerals
  • Eastern Spice: Capture the beauty and warmth of an eastern sun. A spicy floral heart of decadent rose, clove leaf and exotic jasmine is heated by base notes of sensual musk, vanilla and precious sandalwood.
  • Peony Blush: As blushing petals unfurl in soft rays of sunlight, a bouquet of blossoming florals floats by on the breeze. A twist of crisp apple and musk bring notes of sweetness to a light, fresh heart of peony and jasmine.
  • White Vanilla: Indulge in this delicate gourmand crafted from a recipe of golden caramel, a twist of raspberry and a core of creamy vanilla. Balanced with a subtle base of sweet smoke and musk for a deliciously warming scent.
  • Sundrenched Fig: Take a bite of delicious fig, bursting with fruity flavour. Sensuous notes of warm fig and exotic apricot are freshened by hints of lush jasmine and iris to create this rich sundrenched scent.

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Eastern Spice, Peony Blush, White Vanilla, Sundrenched Fig, Soft Cotton, Country Lavender, Pear Blossom, Sea Salt, Christmas Time, Frosted Snow, Winter Forest, Champagne Noel

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